Micro Soldering Repair

Signs That Your Phone Needs Micro Soldering Repair

When one of the tiny chips on your phone’s motherboard breaks, you’ll need to get it fixed by a micro soldering specialist. Unfortunately, the motherboard is not accessible without disassembling the gadget fully because of the importance of protecting its critical components. This is because your motherboard controls how well your phone works in general. So your phone can stop working if any of these tiny microchips fails.

Tiny hot tools designed for the job are required to repair these intricate and crucially important parts. Micro soldering refers to the practice of soldering using very small, very hot equipment. Therefore, micro soldering repair is critical to go for.

Many phones that would otherwise be trashed can be brought back to life using micro soldering. If your poor smartphone is still doomed to the tech graveyard, you can at least back up all of its data by using micro soldering to gain access to the device’s data chip(s). 

Individuals from around the United States give us their damaged smartphones so we can repair them and retrieve data that very few people in the country can save.

Only half the battle is won with the proper equipment. Micro soldering expertise is also required, as is an in-depth knowledge of the functions of each part of the motherboard. 

With the right equipment and skills, mistakes are guaranteed. One missing piece is all it takes to destroy your phone permanently.

Your smartphone’s motherboard can appear damaged, but only a trained technician can tell. But there are certain clues that damage goes deeper than meets the eye.

What is Micro-Soldering?

Welding (melting) or soldering was the traditional method for joining two wires of the same or different gauges (applying a metal with a lower melting point).

And so, what exactly is micro-soldering? Through micro-soldering, wires as thin as 10 microns can be joined together (5 to 10 times narrower than a human hair).

Smaller and smaller components, including sensors and transducers, are becoming increasingly important in today’s technological landscape. 

The construction of such parts necessitates the joining of extremely small wires and presents limitations that rule out the use of conventional welding and soldering techniques. Modern precision control & positioning systems frequently utilize coils wound with ultra-fine wires.

When a wide variety of physical & environmental conditions limit the size or form achieved with the final component, connecting ultra-fine wire can be difficult. 

Tolerance requirements for parts may be extremely stringent in some cases. The old ways of joining them no longer suffice when working with ultra-fine wires.

Signs For Micro-Soldering Repair

When the motherboard is harmed, you have two options: buy a new one (yes, it’s as pricey as it sounds), or perform delicate micro-soldering repairs.

Buying either one or two parts on the motherboard, as opposed to a completely new board, makes the second choice far more manageable financially and time-wise.

There are often numerous motherboards used in constructing a computer, but only one in your phone. 

You might think of this single piece of technology as the “brain” of your gadget. However, one malfunctioning microchip can cause your phone to malfunction in unexpected ways.

Some typical symptoms of a malfunctioning motherboard in your phone are:

  • Your phone won’t power on even after charging with a functional charger.
  • Even after you’ve removed the battery and tried to power it down, your phone won’t shut down.
  • Sometimes your phone will turn on, and other times it will turn off.
  • Something is wrong with the screen, but the phone is working.
  • The screen of your gadget is blank even though it is turned on.

Your motherboard handles all internal commands. So, if the motherboard fails, it could cause various problems. However, a software glitch or other damage can be the true culprit behind your phone’s seemingly shattered appearance. 

Thus, only a qualified technician should open the phone and peek inside to find out what’s going on to avoid causing any further damage.

Cost Of Micro-Soldering Repair

It is possible to replace the motherboard or some of its components at a reasonable price. Sometimes things get knocked out of place, and that’s all it takes to do it right. 

Sometimes, though, it’s the full chip that needs to be replaced. Although we always have a significant supply of the most often used spares, we may have to special order more complicated or rare components.

We will be forthright with you if the cost to fix the damaged part exceeds the worth of your equipment. Repairs should help you save money, not add to your financial woes.

Why Is Micro-Soldering Repair Not Available Everywhere? 

Training on using micro soldering tools safely and effectively is also very costly. Thus, many service centers in the United States have avoided buying this equipment.

There is a long history of using this method to fix phones in Europe. It’s no secret that most Americans would rather replace broken items than invest in mending them. This way of thinking is harmful to the environment and wasteful.

We anticipate a growth in the number of stores offering services requiring micro-soldering in the next few years, as cell phone repair is a growing industry. 

For the time being, nevertheless, we’re pleased to say that our company is among the few in the United States that offer micro-soldering repairs for smartphones.

If you are interested in getting your smartphone repaired, contact We fix You Play today and get one of the most cost-effective solutions in the marketplace.

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