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Are you having a problem with using your phone screen? Don’t worry we have got your back. In this article, we will talk about the best possible solutions that you can consider for fixing your phone screen. You can take the help of these strategies to enjoy smooth phone screen usage. Or you can also hire professional services from a Phone Repair shop in Phoenix to help you with this issue. We Fix You Play is the most trustworthy service provider in the market. We have affordable repair service packages and are experienced to deal with different kinds of mobile phone repairs. We have a wide variety of repair services and ensure that you can use your phone smoothly without any inconvenience.

Solve Phone Screen Issues: Help From Phone Repair Shop

These are some of the best solutions that you can use to solve phone screen issues. Try restarting your phone or removing the sim and memory card from your device. You can also perform a battery pull and remove your screen protector to enjoy using your phone smoothly. Another tip is to reboot your device to safe mode or install an antivirus application to fix this issue. Last but not least factory resetting your device in recovery mode will help you get rid of the phone screen issue. Consider a professional Phone Repair shop in Phoenix services to get help with this problem.

Restart The Device

Sometimes simply turning off your phone can help you get rid of the screen not working issue. So you just have to restart your phone to fix this issue. For this switch off your phone by long pressing the power button. Then wait for some time. Press the power button again and hold it to turn on your device. Now see if your touch screen has started working or not.

Remove Screen Protector

A screen protector might also be obstructing allowing you to using your screen smoothly. For this, you can remove the screen protector and then see if your screen is working or not. Screen protectors are good for your phone as they keep it safe from scratches and dust. But if your screen protector is broken then your touch screen will also stop responding. So it is better to remove your screen protector in this situation. Take help from a Mobile Phone accessory and repair store for removing the screen protector.

Remove SIM And Memory Card

For removing your SIM card or memory card first of all turn off your phone. Then with the help of a card ejector tool take out the SIM card and the memory card. Then try turning on your device. Use the screen after your device turns on to see if the problem has been resolved or not.

Perform A Battery Pull

One thing about this step is that not all Android devices have removable batteries installed in them. But if you are lucky to have a removable battery then take out your phone’s battery to solve the screen not working issue. For this remove the back cover of your phone and then remove the battery. Wait for some time and then put the battery inside again. Finally, turn on your phone and use the screen.

Boot Your Device To Safe Mode

You can also fix this issue by booting your device into safe mode. For this press and hold the power button until a power options menu appears on your screen. Then press and hold the power off option. You will see an option to reboot your device into safe mode. Click on this option and then click on ok to confirm your action. Ask a Phone Repair Store to boot your device to safe mode if you are having trouble doing it yourself.

Install An Antivirus Application

Sometimes phone screen problems can also be due to viruses or Malware in your phone leading to performance issues. For this, you must ensure installing an anti-malware application on your phone. Allow the application to scan your device completely and detect any viruses. Then remove the viruses and see if the screen has started working properly again or not.

Factory Reset Device In Recovery Mode

Switch off your device. Long press the Volume Up and Power buttons to see Recovery Mode Option appear on the screen. Choose “wipe data/factory reset” and press the power button to confirm. Choose the option “reboot system now” and restart your phone. Take your phone to the Best Cell Phone Repair and ask them to factory reset your device in recovery mode.


These were some of the great solutions that you can keep in mind whenever you have any screen issues next time. You should get your screen replaced if it is broken or cracked badly to resume using your screen smoothly. Or get help from a Phone Repair shop in Phoenix to help you with this issue. We Fix You Play is a top-quality phone repair service provider providing reliable services in the market. We know about dealing with different kinds of mobile phones and repairing them efficiently. Contact us and talk to our customer support and let us know your problems to get instant help with the issues.

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