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Phone Not Playing Videos: Top Fixes From Phone Repair Shop

Are you having a problem with playing videos on your phone? Don’t worry we have got your back. In this article, we will talk about the best solutions that you can consider if you are unable to play videos on your phone. Follow these tips and get help with this issue. Or you can also hire professionals from a phone repair shop in Phoenix to fix this issue for you. Consider We Fix You Play for your phone repair issues because we are the most affordable and reliable service provider that you can find.

Phone Not Playing Videos: Solutions From Phone Repair Shop 

Restart or Reboot your Gadget

The simplest basic troubleshooting step that can enable you to play your videos is restarting your smartphone. Close every app on your smartphone first. The phone should be restarted. Then, check the Gallery to see if your videos are playing.

Delete the Cache on your Android Device

While cached data is necessary to speed up loading, it’s also important to empty the cache during troubleshooting to solve several issues that could develop as a result of damaged cache data. Go to Settings, then Storage/ Application Management, and then Clear Cache to delete data from your smartphone. Now play the videos by returning to the Gallery.

Remove Risky Mobile Applications

Trojans pose a threat to your Android mobile devices as well. Remove any apps or software you may have downloaded from an unreliable source. There is a potential that it will interfere with your mobile device’s smooth operation, possibly preventing you from playing your mobile films or corrupting them.

Put MX Player or VLC Player on your Android Phone

The video codec you’re attempting to play might not be supported by the media player on your Android phone. Install a suitable video player, such as VLC, BS, or MX Player, from the Google Play store. Or take your phone to a Phone Repair shop in Phoenix for technical help.

Update Android OS

To fix the movies not playing issue, update your Android OS. Backing up your smartphone data, such as contacts, photographs, and videos, is always advised before updating the Android OS. Although updating the OS does not result in data loss, any technical issues that arise during the procedure could result in the loss or corruption of your mobile phone’s data. Because of this, it is better to be safe than to regret it afterward.

How to update Android on a smartphone?

  • Connect your Android device to WiFi and then go to Settings
  • Tap About Device after you scroll down.
  • Press Update. Certain smartphones may be Software Updates or System Firmware Upgrade depending on the Android version.
  • Choose Check for Updates.
  • Click Update.
  • Choose Install System Software, Reboot, and Install, or any other option that pops up. The downloading and installing process then starts.
  • Your smartphone restarts itself automatically after the installation is finished. Or take help from a Phone Repair Store for this process. 

Remove Untrustworthy Software

On occasion, if you install an unsecured app from a source other than the official app store, you might not be able to play videos on your Android smartphone. It is usually advisable to uninstall such an insecure program because it might prevent video playback on your Android device. 

If you can play some video files on your Android phone, the media player or device is not the issue. Rather, it’s possible that your video files became corrupt. Sync the PC with the mobile videos. Retry playing them on your system after that. The videos have become corrupt if they are still unplayable. The best and simplest way to fix videos that won’t play on Android phones is with Stellar Repair for Video, a video repair program. Downloading it is risk-free and it is Trojan- and malware-free. Videos that have become choppy, jerky, fuzzy, or out of sync can be fixed. For determining whether a video corruption problem can be fixed, the software’s free demo version is enough.

After the selected files are successfully repaired, a notification stating that the operation is complete appears. By choosing the Preview option, you may see a preview of the fixed videos. To save the files that have been corrected, click Save Repaired Files. Or take your phone to a repair and Mobile Phone Accessories store for professional help.

Reset the Settings for your App

You can choose the video player to use for watching videos by clearing your app’s options. With an Android phone, how do you reset the app preferences?

  • Activate the Application Manager or Apps menu in Settings.
  • In the top right corner, click and hold the three dots. Choose Reset App Preferences.
  • Try playing your videos on an Android device now.

Factory Reset your Smartphone

The final option is a factory reset if none of the aforementioned techniques can play your Android phone videos. A factory reset makes your smartphone brand new by erasing all of its data. Thus, before doing anything, make sure you have backed up all of your contacts, photographs, videos, and other smartphone data. Or ask an experienced technician from the Best Cell Phone Repair store for help.


Try these solutions yourself at home or take your phone to a Phone Repair shop in Phoenix. You can bring your phone to We Fix You Play and get help with your problems. We will do a detailed analysis of your phone and resolve the occurring problems.

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