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Phone Not Allowing For Audio: Help From A Phone Repair Shop In Phoenix

Are you unable to play audio on your mobile phone? Don’t worry, we have got your back. We will talk about the best possible solutions that you can keep in mind for solving this issue in this article. Make sure to read all the tips carefully so that you can get rid of this issue by the end. Or you can also ask a professional technician from a well-known phone repair shop in Phoenix to help you with this problem. Take your phone to We Fix You Play and let us help you with this situation. We have trusted and experienced professionals who will fix your phone and ensure the reliability of the repair service. 

Phone Not Allowing For Audio: Fixes From A Phone Repair Shop In Phoenix

New mobile phones are constantly entering the market, which is oversaturating the smartphone industry. Some folks choose to buy reconditioned models. Errors like “phone not authorized for the voice” are so frequently encountered. The six solutions to this problem are explained in these suggestions. You could also speak with a Phoenix phone repair business about this.

Why Can’t My Phone Make Voice Calls?

If you’re wondering what “phone not authorized for the voice” means, this problem arises when:

  • The phone has been “locked” or “tethered” to a certain cell carrier.
  • The carrier and your SIM are incompatible.
  • The mobile phone is an outdated model.
  • The phone’s inability to support voice MetroPCS is the last point in particular. And the first and second causes can make it such that voice error is not supported by T-Mobile phones.
  • Using mobile phone accessories with mismatched audio.

Fixes For Phones That Can’t Be Used For Voice

There are several approaches to deal with the issue of voice calls being prohibited on mobile devices. The best ways to correct this frequent mistake have been covered in this discussion.

Communicate with the carrier operator

Checking your SIM plan is the first step in fixing a phone that won’t accept voice calls. You can ask the carrier’s customer service representative to change the lock by getting in touch with them. They will carry out a procedure known as an equipment switch, which will finally unlock your phone.

Put the SIM card back into your phone.

Another possible cause of this problem is proper SIM card insertion. Your SIM may be dusty, which prevents it from properly making touch with the SIM slot terminals.

  • The sim ejector pin should be used to remove the SIM card tray.
  • If your phone has a dual sim card slot, swap the sim card.
  • Restart your phone after replacing the SIM.

For your device to be unlocked, dial the unlock code

Try using an unlock code to unlock your handset if you’ve tried calling carriers and re-inserting your SIM card multiple times without luck. But, for this approach to work, your carrier and phone model must support unlock codes. If you can’t fix the issue yourself, you can also take your phone to a phone repair shop.

  • Open your phone’s dial pad.
  • Enter the Google-provided code.
  • To disconnect the carrier, go through the operating menu options.

Verify the network connection

You can choose to automatically choose your network connection in Android or manually. Revert this setting to automatic, which is what it was originally set to if you made any modifications.

  • Activate the settings menu.
  • Choose “Data usage” from the menu.
  • Go over to a mobile network.
  • Choose “Preferred sim card” by clicking.
  • Choose it automatically on your device, and restart it.

Verify software updates

Many of these issues, including a phone that won’t accept voice calls, are resolved by keeping your device updated. Thus, regularly download all security and software upgrades and keep an eye out for any new updates.

  • Click the settings button.
  • Choose a device-related option by searching for it.
  • Under that selection, tap Software update.
  • On your phone, check for updates.
  • Download and install any available updates.
  • Launch your phone.

ReiBoot For Android: Fix Android System Problems

The final solution to the phone not supporting voice is to inspect and repair your android system, provided that there is no issue with your SIM card. With just one click, professional software called Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android may fix a variety of system problems. You could also select the Best Mobile Phone Repair for your phone repair needs.

To ensure that your device is functioning properly, follow these steps to fix the Android system issue.

  • On your Laptop, download and install ReiBoot for Android. After that, run it and use USB to connect your phone to a computer.
  • Choose “Repair Now” from the menu. To continue, click Fix now.
  • Choose the accurate device details.
  • Download the appropriate firmware package after choosing the correct device details. It won’t take long for the download to complete.
  • Click “Repair Now” to begin the Android system repair after the Firmware package has finished downloading.


The “Phone not allowed for voice” problem is simple to try to fix using the methods given above. If, however, you are still unable to address the problem, we advise you to attempt fixing your Android problems with phone repair software. With no effort at all, it enables you to quickly and easily fix all such Android issues as unavailable mobile networks. Or get help from a professional Phone Repair shop in Phoenix. We Fix You Play is the best repair service provider that you can consider. We have all kinds of repair services to make sure that you can use your phone without any problem.

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