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Flashlight Not Working: Fixes From Phone Repair Shop

Has your flashlight stopped working? Don’t worry we are here to help. Read this article to get to know some of the best solutions that you can consider for fixing your flashlight. You can easily perform these steps at home yourself. Or if you are short on time make sure to ask the Phone Repair shop in Phoenix to solve the issue yourself. We Fix You Play is a top-quality phone repair service provider working in this industry for years now. We have an expert team of technicians who will do a detailed analysis of your phone and troubleshoot the problems causing your flashlight issues. Then we will suggest the best solutions to choose from.

Fix Your Flashlight By These Tips From Phone Repair Shop

These are some efficient strategies that you can keep in mind for fixing your flashlight problem. First of all, restart your phone and try turning on the Flashlight again. You can also delete the camera app data to resume the flashlight performance. Also, try turning on Android safe mode and resetting app preferences to fix the flashlight problem. Moreover, you can also use a different Flashlight app or factory reset your phone to get help with this problem. Or ask the Phone Repair shop in Phoenix to fix the issue for you if you are having trouble getting the desired result.

Delete Camera App Data

For deleting the data of your camera app open the settings of your phone and choose applications. Then choose the camera option and from the drop-down menu tap on storage. A list of options will appear again, choose clear data from that list. One thing to keep in mind about this process is that it will reset all your camera settings so you will have to make all the changes again.

Restart The Phone

Restarting the device usually helps solve all the temporary issues that you are facing with your mobile phone. If any specific process or app is causing the problem in turning on the flashlight then it will get resolved by a simple reboot. All you have to do is press the power button and hold it for a few seconds. Then from the menu choose the power of option. Wait again for about 10 to 15 seconds until you turn your device on again. Try turning on your flashlight now and see if it has started working or not. Take help from Mobile Phone Accessories and Repair shop to restart your device if you are having a problem with this step.

Try Android Safe Mode

The greatest benefit of turning on Android safe mode is that it helps prevent interference of third-party software with your phone processes. So in case any particular app is stopping your flashlight from turning on, putting your device in safe mode will resolve this issue. After turning on the safe mode, turn on the flashlight option from the camera app and the notification bar button to see if it is working properly now.

Use A Different Flashlight App

You can also try installing other flashlight apps on your device and use them. Make sure that these apps are not sneaky and do not ask for a lot of permissions. Take some helpful suggestions from a Phone Repair Store about other flashlight apps that might be suitable for your phone.

Reset App Preferences

You can also solve the flashlight problem by resetting app references. For this, open the settings of your device and click on applications. Three vertical dots menu will appear at the right corner of your screen. Click on that menu and then choose reset app preferences. Confirm your action to reset your App preferences. One thing to consider here is that all your settings will get reset if you have any disabled unrequired apps or custom app permissions.

Factory Reset Your Phone

Factory resetting your phone to its original settings is also helpful in fixing the flashlight problem. For this, open the settings of your phone and click on the general management option. From the drop-down menu choose to reset and then choose factory data reset. Click on the reset device option appearing at the bottom of the screen. This process will take about 5 to 10 minutes and your phone will restart. After your phone turns on you have to set up your device again. You can also hire the Best Cell Phone repair service provider to factory reset your phone for you.


These are some of the best solutions that you can consider for fixing your flashlight problem. Make sure to keep these in mind next time whenever you have any issues with a flashlight. Or you can talk to a Phone Repair shop in Phoenix and let them fix your Flashlight for you. You can also consider We Fix You Play for your flashlight repair at a very affordable rate. We have an expert team having years of experience in dealing with multiple phone-related issues. We will listen to your problems and suggest the best possible solutions to choose from. Contact us today or book an appointment.

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