Benefits of Third-Party Phone Repair Shop in Phoenix (1)

Benefits of Third-Party Phone Repair Shop in Phoenix

All too often, people fall victim to a broken smartphone.

You’ve probably had to take your phone to a phone repair shop in Phoenix at some point, whether it was because of a broken screen or a dead battery. Smartphone repairs can be a grey area, with warranties and insurance policies entering the picture and manufacturers typically holding all the cards.

Customers who take their iPhones to unofficial repair shops risk having their devices rendered fully inoperable, as demonstrated by Apple’s infamous “Error 53” bug. If your smartphone has stopped working, the good news is that you can count on us to fix it.

Benefits of Third-Party Phone Repair Shop

What follows is a discussion of the pros of relying on a third party for repairs, as well as advice on whether or not to take the risk.

Know your warranty

Standard smartphone warranties do not typically cover damage caused by accidents. Some examples are water damage and cracked screens, both of which are extremely prevalent.

Getting your phone fixed for free is an option if the problem results from something the manufacturer is responsible for, like a software glitch.

Otherwise, you’ll have to pay someone to fix what you broke. If your smartphone has stopped working, the good news is that you can count on us to fix it.

What follows is a discussion of the pros and cons of relying on a third party for repairs, as well as advice on whether or not to accept the risk.

Phone repair quality

When you buy a new phone, you have access to a bunch of “bonus” services for a set period, and the warranty is only one of them. Is there any word on the standard of the fixes? When you bring your phone to the official phone repair center, you know it won’t be sent to a third party where it could be permanently damaged.

To fix a modern smartphone, you need a professional with a lot of experience and the right equipment. However, the technician needs to be conversant with fixing smartphones from your brand since mending one smartphone is very different from fixing another.

Furthermore, to be quite frank, the quality of repairs may only be satisfactory if performed by the authorized repair shop. Because most service centers in the area only taught their workers how to fix generic smartphones, not individual brands. They could have issues with cutting-edge gadgets and rival phone manufacturers.

If for no other reason, have your phone serviced exclusively at the authorized service center because of the superior level of care you will receive. When you bring your phone to the official repair center, you can rest assured that you will be helped by a qualified professional, unlike the unreliable mechanics at many smaller shops. Plus, you won’t have to worry that the person repairing your phone will damage it in any way since they won’t have access to any of the internal components.

And while some local repair shops are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reputable, the percentage of poor ones is just enough to draw the conclusion and the recommendation that you should never take your broken phone to a local repair shop. You have no way of knowing which one is good, so it’s best to take your phone to an official repair shop instead, where they’ll be on the hook if anything goes wrong after servicing it.

Independent shops are cheaper

Fixing a smartphone through the manufacturer directly is an expensive proposition.

This was brought into stark perspective at the beginning of 2016 when an Apple software upgrade rendered broken iPhones whose owners had replaced the Touch ID fingerprint scanners with third-party components.

After being accused of purposefully leaving people without a working phone and unreasonable insistence that customers utilize its repair services, Apple softened its stance slightly at the time.

However, Apple did make a good point that third-party repairs to broken Touch ID sensors could introduce security vulnerabilities. Although, the high price of an Apple Touch ID sensor replacement is enough to deter most people.

If you don’t have AppleCare+ and need to visit Apple’s official repair center, Touch ID repairs can cost as much as £256.44.

If you take it to a local repair shop or an internet repair service, you can get it fixed for as little as $40. However, the fingerprint scanner won’t operate after an unofficial third-party replacement, as Touch ID is coupled to the CPU of an iPhone for security purposes.

Consequently, you cannot utilize the Apple Pay contactless payments service and must enter a passcode to access your iPhone.

Original spare parts

How good or horrible your phone looks after repair depends on the quality of the spare parts used by the technician. If a repairer employs a poor/cheap screen replacement part to fix your phone, for instance, it will damage your user experience considerably.

What you see on your screen depends on various factors, including the phone’s resolution, the nits of brightness, the type of panel, the color representation, and much more. Therefore, you won’t be satisfied with the repair results if the expert didn’t use the original screen. And that’s why you shouldn’t take your phone anywhere but the official service center for repairs, not some random place down the street.

The fact that most unofficial repair shops don’t use original parts is the main reason they can offer lower prices for phone repairs. They rather receive their replacement parts from unknown sources. In contrast, you get genuine replacement components that fit properly into your phone model from the best cell phone repair.

Great customer support

The customer service of a local repair shop is often the most frustrating aspect of the business. Official service center employees, meanwhile, are available at all times to hear your concerns and help you discover answers or guidance.


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